ThinkPrint, is an association of companies that collectively addresses the needs of the publishing industry for products, services & training. Our endeavor is to provide you with end-to-end solutions under one roof; from identifying the right product for your needs, fitting it into your work flow & training the personnel & getting them up and running in no time.

Thinkprint is the blending of Venus Infotech, Basis Systems and Genesis Systems that bring world-class products to the Indian market, specialize in workflow management and training.

Thinkprint has been conceived to bring together brain power, that was otherwise working in isolation, to form a super-grid of knowledge that can be used to benefit the publishing industry at large.

People at Thinkprint have years of hands-on experience in various facets of the publishing industry. This enables them to help add value to the whole package.

When you connect to Thinkprint, you plug in to a knowledge source that provides you with a universe of turn-key solutions to your needs. Its all here!!

Venus Infotech was founded in 2002 by Hemanshu Desai who has over 32 years of experience in the industry. He has been actively involved in rendering services and delivering System Integration and Software Solutions to the Graphic Art Industry. His technical expertise to understand the emerging technology and to integrate them for providing the most beneficial solutions to the end users has been his forte. The constantly evolving technology today springs up very unique and cost effective solutions. Venus Infotech is alert to identify the emerging solutions and is committed to bring the most beneficial hardware and software solutions for the users in India.

Gopal Krishnan founded Basis Systems to provide services and products to the Print Publishing Industry in India. Soon, System Integration and Workflow development became strengths of Basis. Basis comprises of industry professionals with years of experience and a good track record in providing support to the Print industry. Basis Systems is an exclusive distributor for many products and a major reseller for others.

Gopal Krishnan uses his valuable industry experience of over 15 years to bring the best products and solutions which help the customers benefit greatly. He has worked with Agfa, Yabasu Graphics, Summit and DX Technologies previously.

Founded by Abdul H Kidwai, the strength of Genesis Systems lies in training and consultancy. With tons of experience in training and managing workflows, Genesis holds its forte in these two areas.

Abdul has over a decade of experience in Print publishing industry and has worked extensively on Quark and Adobe technologies, preflighting, XML, editorial workflows, PDF, etc.