Established in 1985, CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH, Hainburg, Germany, is a world leader in color managed proofing and production workflow for the professional graphics arts market.

ORIS Color TunerTM - ORIS Color Tuner is much more than an inkjet RIP. It is a complete proofing system, combining automation, color management, high-speed output and proofing-specific ink and paper. With ORIS, you can create contract quality proofs on affordable inkjet devices.


ORIS Soft ProofTM - As print production becomes more distributed globally, and as deadline pressures continue to tighten, print designers and producers need a practical, integrated approach to color collaboration and approval. The answer to this problem is ORIS Soft Proof.


ORIS Certified ProofTM - In any graphic arts business, color quality and consistency are much too valuable to be left to chance. Subjective evaluation is becoming increasingly expensive – in expert labor cost, in lost time, and in potential lost revenue over billing disputes. As printing becomes more process-oriented, color control must become a reliable, measurement-based Quality Assurance (QA) process. Use of ORIS Certified Proof saves all the trouble.

ORIS Certified PressTM - ORIS Certified Press provides the information necessary to guarantee the color consistency and reliability your customers demand. ORIS Certified Press is the ideal press quality assurance system enabling you to print to industry standards quickly and efficiently.
ORIS Hybrid ProofingTM – The Product Suit comprising of ORIS Color Tuner, ORIS Soft-Proof and ORIS Certified Proof, closely integrated to give you the convenience and ease of use.
ORIS Ink SaverTM - In most printing companies, the cost of printing inks or toners is a significant part of the total cost of printing. Save on that and standardize the grey balance for the jobs coming from different repro suppliers. ORIS Ink Saver is based on award-winning CGS color management technology and the advanced 4D gamut mapping algorithms for color-managed, intelligent ink reduction.

ORIS Press MatcherTM - Any digital press, any conventional press, any wide format printer, same color results! - Achievable!!! ORIS Press Matcher uses the award-winning contract proofing system color management technology of ORIS Color Tuner, to produce high-resolution files for your CTP system, digital press, wide-format printer or any other device. The results are standardized color across multiple platforms – bringing high-quality, consistent color to all your print projects, regardless of how or where they are printed!


ORIS WorksTM - ORIS Works is a modular workflow automation system for publishers and printers. Using a versatile "toolbox" approach, ORIS Works provides automated file conversion, preflight, load balancing, prepress, trapping, imposition and much more.


ORIS PDF TunerTM - ORIS PDF Tuner is a full editing environment for PDF and PostScript files. It can open customer-supplied files, allow for a full range of last-minute corrections, such as including image retouching, line-work and text editing and output print-ready pages in all major file formats. No more headaches!