Digital Information founded by Michael Haenni and Christoph Bugs is located in the Technopark in Zurich. DIL develops the legendary DI-Plot bitmap proof system and Ink Presetting System.

DI-Plot - JDF enabled DI-Plot is an outstanding proofing software for a wide range of digital offset printing machines, computer-to-plate systems and film image-setters. It achieves a reliable Okay-to-Print based on the original data after it’s been ripped and separated. When using DI-Plot, most configurations don't need a special form proof Rip at all!


InkZone Perfect - InkZone Perfect is an interface between prepress and press that's equally powerful and economical. First, the solution provides networked ink key presetting, so color start-up is accomplished in a fraction of the previous time, bringing a clear increase in productivity. What's more, InkZone generates a database of your settings, allowing corrections and continuous improvement in results over time. This makes InkZone Perfect a component that's indispensable on the road to a standardized printing process.


InkZone Loop - The InkZone Loop is a manufacturer-independent online solution for digital control of offset presses. Supported by measurement technology, InkZone Loop enables the automatic measurement and evaluation of control strips, as well as the continuous transmission of computed correction values directly to the printing machine.


InkZone Move - InkZone Move is suite of solutions is divided into the IZM Press module (measurement and visualization of color control during printing), IZM Plate (measurement of the ink coverage on the printing plate) and IZM Wedge (evaluation of a media wedge on color proofs). All three software modules make use of a spectral engine from industry-leading supplier X-Rite assuring accuracy while setting a new industry standard for economy.


Preproofer - The Preproofer for Epson produces double-sided proofs in 8-Up and 4-Up format fully automatically. The system is based on the Epson Stylus Pro series, enabling print paper widths of 61 cm (24’’) to be printed with the 7450/7880, and 111 cm (44’’) with the 9450/9880. Data management and control is handled by the DI-Plot software package.


RemotePublisher is a data-base-supported software solution for Internet-based printwork production. Remote Publisher uses the platform-independent Portable Document Format (PDF) and is distinguished by its high user friendliness not only for the printing house but also for its customers. Remote Publisher Version 2 runs on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, MacOS X and Unix, and offers numerous efficiency and security functions.