DirecType® image personalization software is a development of Deutsch Technologies. The young company is one of the world's leading providers of image personalization technology for digital printing, web and mobile phone applications.

DirecType Designer provides all of the features necessary to create new and edit existing DirecType motif files. It can also render and produce personalized images in small quantities.


DirecType DesignerLE is free software available for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. With DirecType Designer LE you can create new and edit existing DirecTypeR motif files. DirecType Designer LE has similar creative functions to the full DirecType Designer module, though the image output format is restricted to.jpg at a size of 800 x 600 pixels in the RGB color space.


DirecType Producer is supplied with the DirecType Designer. It empowers you to import a database via a text file to automatically produce an individually personalized image for each record in the database. DirecType Producer produces personalized images in high volumes.


DirecType Producer CL is supplied with the DirecType Producer and the DirecType Designer. It is a command line application and has the same functionality as DirecType Producer except that it can be operated via a control script.


DirecType WebProducer is a standalone module and is not supplied with other DirecType software modules. It is a command line application with similar operability to the DirecType Producer CL module except that its output of personalized images are via a image stream. This module is designed to efficiently deliver personalized images to a website.