Markzware Software, originally established in 1989, is the highly recognized and utilized name in preflighting. FlightCheck® is the essential quality control tool for any and all participants in the print and multimedia manufacturing workflow, from creative designers to manufacturing professionals.

FLiGHTCHECK DESIGNER A simplified version of Markzware FlightCheck Professional, targeted for Designers for quick checks and completed job collection. Known previously as FlightCheck Collect.


FLiGHTCHECK STUDIO Capable of detecting most problems encountered in the print, and publishing industry. Functions like a spell checker finding and correcting problems while the document is being created.


FLiGHTCHECK ONLINE Now your customers can preflight and check both native and PDF files locally on their desktop computers before sending their jobs to you! Saving you and your customers time and money.


MARKZTOOLS can be used to prevent corrupted QuarkXPress documents, overcoming the dreaded bad file format errors.


Q21D (Quark to InDesign) Offers Adobe InDesign users a quick and easy way to convert QuarkXPress files into InDesign documents.


PM2Q (PageMaker to Quark) Lets QuarkXPress users, who receive PageMaker files, save time and money by easily importing PageMaker documents into QuarkXPress.


ID2Q (InDesign to Quark) Offers QuarkXPress users a quick and easy way to convert InDesign files into QuarkXPress documents.


PICTATTRIBUTES This XT remembers the attributes of a picture box when you perform a (Get Picture) and restores the picture scale, offset, rotation, skew, runaround and flip.


PASTEBOARD It allows one to adjust the width and height of the pasteboard by value as well as by percentage, giving a wider range of options than that within the QuarkXPress application.