WoodWing Software is an award-winning software developer and the first company to fully commit to the Adobe InDesign and InCopy platform. The company specializes in cross-media publishing solutions and plug-in development.

SmartCatalog is a powerful solution to link data sources - either a data file, or a database or XML file (available separately) - to an InDesign CS2 document.


SmartLayout automatic processes and intelligent behavior improve the efficiency of InDesign users working with multiple columns of text, particularly in newspapers and magazines where pages must be made up efficiently under tight deadlines.


SmartStyles The award-winning Smart Styles automated styling tool delivers powerful formatting capabilities to Adobe InDesign CS2 users. This unique software combines object, table and smart text styles into powerful Smart Styles. Smart Styles are conveniently stored in libraries and can be applied with a simple drag and drop to set all of the styling attributes of the object or group of objects.


SmartConnectionPro builds on InDesign and InCopy's power by expanding the feature-set with those features that are needed to manage publications in medium to large workgroups with up to 30 users. While still using a generic file-server, it organizes files with
a more database-oriented approach. It uses concepts that you're familiar with like publication, issue, section, and basket. You can set up a publication structure according to the guidelines and needs of your company or organization even using your own terminology.


SmartHypen The best way to improve your hyphenation in Adobe InDesign & InCopy. Smart Hyphen lM introduces the intelligent syllable technology of the *TALOlM language modules to Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS2. Smart Hyphen offers tremendous improvements to the hyphenation provided by InDesign and InCopy.


SmartSpeller adds the enhanced spelling functionality of the language institute *TALOlM to Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS2. Smart Speller offers tremendous improvements to the spelling provided by InDesign and InCopy.